Kincorth House

Kincorth House built .in 1797 is a gorgeous Scottish mansion with neo gothic and classical features. Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands it is a highly enviable destination available for a variety of uses. Whether you need an authentic period location, or wish to run a artist retreat, if you’d like to organise a murder mystery weekend or you are in the market for a timeless wedding venue Kincorth House is the perfect choice. An historic residence wrapped in the unique surroundings of north east Scotland also known as Macbeth country it is also an ideal base to got exploring, hiking, orienteering or even deer talking, etc.

The Staircase

This amazing original feature is in many ways the hero piece of this house. Elegant, historic and yet timeless. A truly magnificent example.of late 18th century neo-gothic craftsmanship this part of house exemplifies tradition, culture.and elegance and continuity.

Spanning 3 storeys, one gets the sense of travelling through time as one winds up the staircase and a sense of even being able to literally reach back when placing a hand on the beautiful craftsmanship of the banisters


The Ballroom

This large and  spacious room benefits from generous windows that bathe the room in natural light during the daytime. Equally in the evening it’s light decor and lighting make for a space to put on activities where life may not only be enjoyed but celebrated.

And in accordance with the spirit of celebration this space is ideal for balls and events as per the name.

Designed as a room for relaxation, amusement and dancing this space however, as with many in the house, is available for several uses dependent on the visitor/s

The Lounge

Like a lot of rooms in the house the Lounge comes with a period fireplace.

With 3 sofas, large bay windows there is all the room to stretch out and graze one might need. Also somewhere that can occasion intelligent and stimulating conversations. 

This is a very sumptuous an comfortable room to relax an wind down. Perfect for long summer evenings or cold winter nights.


Upon entering the house you will proceed through the short entrance hall into the main house’s hall. And on turning left you will be greeted instantly with the amazing view below…of the Atrium.


Between the morning room and the staircase this ‘open’ room is the perfect spot the relax  whatever the season. Curl up in front of the fireplace in the winter or open the bay windows and enjoy a pleasant  evening in the summer.



The Grounds

With 6.7 acres the house and grounds certainly do not lack for space. At least two  medium sized marquees/tents/stages may be set in in the front garden for events with enough space still available for visitors to park.

For location filming the various sections of grounds (the front comprises two sections and the side while behind the house there are 3 distract areas including a secret garden) provide ample opportunities to shoot scenes that would depict entirely different environments. A well, A sundial. A secret garden, Even an  overgrown greenhouse. What more do you need?

Period Fittings

The hallway to the kitchen of Kincorth reminds us of days gone past in various ways. There is the servants bell system in the corridor – quaint piece of history. Another particular attraction is the period bath in one of the two bathrooms in the southern wing. Find yourself transported when you take.a dip.


There are chandeliers, beautiful wooden bannisters, furnishings from various periods – the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

Kincorth House



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